Hi, I'm Emilie.

I'm a computer science educator located in Seattle, Washington.
pronouns = ["she", "her"]

I'm currently a Regional Manager & Specialist for the Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS Program. I hold a M.S. in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara and have taught computer science for almost a decade.

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In her role with the Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS Program, Emilie supports high schools across the Pacific Northwest as they develop their computer science pathways.

As Emilie was a first-generation college student and is a woman in computer science, she understands the importance and urgency of addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field. With her background, she relates to many students who are just starting to learn computer science, and strives to set an example for future computer scientists.

Previously, Emilie was a professor at North Seattle College (Seattle, WA) and Foothill College (Los Altos Hills, CA). At UC Santa Barbara, she was a lead teaching assistant and summer instructor for the introductory computer science course. She has also hosted a high school Summer Immersion Program based at Amazon Lab126 (Sunnyvale, CA) with Girls Who Code.

Emilie teaching what not to do in a computer science classroom during TEALS's 2019 summer training.
Emilie on lab management, Summer 2019 for TEALS
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Emilie's video lecture on numeral systems, Spring 2019 for Seattle Colleges

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