This website is intended for demonstration purposes only. It is a sample of a website I would create for students enrolled in my class if I do not have access to a school's provided online course system. Content in Week y would become available during the middle of an introductory CS course. Content in Week x would become available in the early part of an intermediate CS course. Both hypothetical courses use the C++ language.

Week y

Object Cloning Lecture

Lecture slides from April 13th which introduce copy constructors and the difference between shallow and deep object copying.

Object Cloning Example Code

Example code from the April 13th lecture.

Week x

Big-O Introduction

What exactly is "Big-O" and why is algorithmic complexity important? How do we determine the runtime of an algorithm?

Quick Guide to Big-O Values

A table of common programming algorithms and their Big-O values, along with some charts and quick calculation guidelines.

Ready to test your understanding? Go ahead and try out the practice problem! Be sure to attempt it on your own before checking the solution. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Click here to download all cpp files used in the solution.